The Painting of the Scream

#The painting of the Scream by the Norwegian artist (Edvar Munch) has always been a source of attraction and fear for people, and its story is no less strange, as the inspiration for this painting came one day while (Munch) was walking in the city streets with his friends to stop suddenly and look at the sky as it was setting and its color was red The color of blood, then he heard a noise and a faint creak from under the city, then he felt that there were countless cries coming from nature.

After that incident he continued to paint that picture several times and always painted the clouds red with the color of blood, (Edvar Munch) later described his personal suffering behind this painting, and said that he had been feeling almost mad for several years, and his drawings bearing the name - the Scream - depicted how he suffered To the fullest extent and how he gave up hope that he would be able to feel love again.